Previous Contributors

There is a grand roll-call of speakers and performers in the arts, occult, culture and politics. Many were unknown at the time but have gone on to become authorative and influential voices of the esoteric world and those who were already known found a platform that was something of a blank canvas awaiting their most bold experiments.

Red Earth (BRAZIL)

Great news for 2012. Red Earth are back with brand new work which will be screened at our venues. A photographic exhibition from Salón Arcano, Argentina, entitled “The Square: Hermeticism Revealed” will also be on display during the festival. The Brazilian collective was originally suggested by occult publisher Fulgur who  introduced Red Earth to theread more of this

The Magic Lantern Show

The Magic Lantern Show were a wonderful psychedelic light show a la Crowley visuals from Cambridge and they brought much revelry with them. But if you remember too much about that night as Jefferson Airplane always say of the sixties ‘You Weren’t Really There’.


Testcard were a collaboration of talents including Adrian Shepard, Mike Sippings and Ameoba, the Testcard curated the brain machine tent. Dressed as Medieval clerics the Testcard took it upon themselves to find suitable guinea pigs among the Occulture audience. Once wired up to the vision goggles and headphones Testcard introduced them to the world ofread more of this

Bert Sharp

Bert Sharp the organiser of the World Gurdjieff Conference ‘All and Everything’  followed the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff. His own journey began with Beryl Pogson and much later the enigmatic Mexican mystic John Flores (part of the Rodney Collin group), these experiences led Bert to believe that man was guided by angelic forces (love) andread more of this

Jake Stratton-Kent

Jake Stratton-Kent is a renowned modern occult author who was brought back from the yesteryear of the 80’s occult scene by publisher Scarlet Imprint – Jake talks openly about working with spirits in partnership. Much of his work examines the Qabalah in three aspects: language, a ‘holy’ text or texts, and mathematical laws. Jake aread more of this

Paul Hughes-Barlow

Paul Hughes-Barlow AKA Graham Nickells is a local Tarot reader from Brighton, who was a one time colleague of psychotronic crystal healer, microwave conspiracy theorist and psychic warfare expert Tim Rifat. Paul and Tim have both appeared at the festival with their theories on magic, with Paul focusing on the spirits & Golden Dawn methodread more of this

Soname Yangchen

Soname Yangchen was once a Tibetan asylum seeker who escaped persecution by walking across the Himalayas to freedom via Nepal, is today a renowned world music singer with an unforgettable voice. Her remarkable story led her to sing to express the sorrowful tale of Tibet. Her moving solo performance at the Old Market, Brighton earnedread more of this

Ralph Harvey

Ralph Harvey is one of the world’s leading Wiccan voices who has consistently & tirelessly spoken out against persecution and prejudice against all religious belief. Ralph was at at one time head of 200 covens in West Sussex being head of the Order of Artemis. Ralph considers the English county of Sussex one of theread more of this

Steve Nicholls Enochian Chess Master

Steve Nicholls Enochian chess master, Artist and designer , purveyor of the chess set developed with the help of the Princes Trust, collaborated in the running of the giant chessboard. He published with help of Israel Regardie and others the first book on Enochian Chess.

Enochian Chess Set

The making and exhibition of the world’s largest Enochian chess set took place in July 2003. It measured 18 feet x 18 feet. The vibrant chess set had its obscure origins in Enochian magic first practised by Elizabethan court astrologer Dr John Dee. Each square upon the board denoted an elemental attribute and therefore anread more of this

Z’EV (Rhythmajik)

Zev (rythmagick) is considered one of the worlds premier solo percussionists.  Zev is also a founder of the industrial music genre. He is also a learned scholar of the Qabalah and sacred Jewish texts. His performance took place in a room devoid of all light so it was pitch-black and where the listeners could lieread more of this

Tim Rifat

A former Government scientist and one of the world’s leading experts on microwave technology. Tim’s talk on remote viewing brought with it – the world of conspiracy and some very spookish looking guests!

Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner is credited with bringing Feng Shui to the West. His researches concluded that the Western magical tradition is somewhat fractured and lacking total cohesion, unlike other parts of the world. Stephen brought something of academia with him but underpinning that aspect was the true gravitas of an experienced practitioner. (c) Stephen Skinner

Oryelle Defenstrate-Bascule

Oryelle Defenstratte-Bascule is a magician and performer, artist-writer whose contribution to 21st century magic is not to be underestimated in the greater scheme of the Magikal Revival . Touring across the globe from his native Australia with the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre and  performing solo pieces he has touched thousands through his art and ritual. (c)read more of this

Mark Ramsden

Mark Ramsden -Fetish writer, saxophonist, transvestite and confirmed taker of psychotropic substances appeared as compare in 2003. Mark took the stage to declare that he was’ the former leader of a dark Satanic cult dedicated to rape, murder and extreme subversion.’, after a brief pause he added …’and it’s only member’. Mark was very wittyread more of this

Amado Crowley

Amado Crowley passed away 2010 and we can say here that he was probably the most controversial of contributors ever represented at Occulture; as well as being the most elusive. He did not actually come in person to the event. Claiming to be the son of Aleister Crowley; Amado gained both supporters and detractors inread more of this

Atlantis Books

Atlantis Books, Museum Street, London is a niche esoteric bookshop, quite near to the British museum. Customers have included Crowley, Victor Neuberg, book dealer Driff Field and a host of 20th century occultists. Atlantis have been stalwart supporters of the festival and attended nearly every one with fine tomes to boot.

Chris Petit

Filmmaker and novelist Chris Petit made ‘London Orbital’ with Iain Sinclair and that essentially is their link with Occulture. Chris worked as film editor on Time Out but his film career stretches back to the heady days of the sixties. Any mention of the Litvnoff Tapes was strictly forbidden during his visit. Image from aread more of this

Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair a British poet came to prominence in the 1970’s with a work entitled ‘Lud Heat’ which concerns London. Since then he has written numerous poems & books. His seminal work perhaps is ‘London Orbital’ where Iain walked the M25 (The Orbital Road that surrounds London) with Chris Petit, KLF and others. Iain drawsread more of this

The Treatment Rooms, London

The Treatment Rooms, London. This artists collective is run by a Russian Countess Carrie Reichardt, whose passion is to highlight the cases of those condemned to death in the U.S.A. Her mosaic artwork is crazy, defiant and goes to the core of injustice imposed on those often black, disadvantaged or without proper legal representation. Herread more of this