Amado Crowley passed away 2010 and we can say here that he was probably the most controversial of contributors ever represented at Occulture; as well as being the most elusive. He did not actually come in person to the event. Claiming to be the son of Aleister Crowley; Amado gained both supporters and detractors in equal measure and both parties descended on Occulture that fateful night. The compere was John Belham-Payne who had to call order twice and even persuade a nervous doorman that there was not going to be a riot! Amado didn’t attend but instead he sent two of his emissaries to explain his philosophy. To their credit and the audiences open mindedness the pair were able to put their side of the story forward on behalf of Amado. With that said the evening ended on a good note, albeit tumultuous in parts and eventually the curtain went down to good natured rapturous applause.

Whatever your view on the above the event was a real passionate sizzler by any standards.