Annie Machon is a former agent of MI5’s counter terrorist branch. She witnessed first-hand the intelligence services obsession with spying on Councillors, MP’s, law abiding citizens protesting against War, CND marchers, trade unionists, journalists, musicians whose lyrics offended those in power and eco-activists. Her disillusionment came to a head when the sister service MI6 killed eleven innocent people in Libya after a failed assassination plot. Annie and her then boyfriend MI5 spy David Shayler went on the run. Eventually Shayler was jailed in the UK for  exposing the British assassination of innocent Arab civilians, including children. Annie’s talk MI5 Unplugged is an expose and warning in equal measure about those who are secretly trying to control and subvert our democracy for their own sordid ends. Don’t miss this explosive talk.£5

Annie Machon

Tuesday July 3rd       @ Proud Ballroom, Kemptown, BN2 1EF – doors open 7.30pm