Colin Wilson is a startling original genius who wrote his first book, ‘The Outsider’ in the early 1950’s. Colin was sleeping rough at the time and found he was hurtled to fame overnight. His book transformed the way an individual is perceived in society and since then Colin has written no less than 200 books.  Today recognised as an authority on true crime, split-brain psychology , unorthodox history not to mention one of the leading writers on existentialism. His bestselling book ‘The Occult’ is now something of a source book on the paranormal. Colin was special guest at the 2001 festival and formally opened the week long chain of events.

The Outsider’, propelling the unknown author into international literary stardom and overnight success. Soon the tabloids had turned against the ‘Angry Young Man’ which saw Colin flee to the peace and relative privacy of Cornwall where he still lives today with his wife Joy. Colin Wilson will be remembered fondly by the festival as one of the greatest speakers to grace the Occulture stage.