The Reverend Gavin Baddeley binned his title and chose Irreverent instead. Gavin was ordained into the Church of Satan and remains its leading light in the UK. Described by Anton La Vey as ‘a smart cookie’ Gavin displays all the right credentials for a modern Satanist: independence, intellect,  fearlessness and honesty. Gavin appeared twice at the festival including the very first event with bold posters declaring ‘Satan Wants You!’. Gavin is an experienced journalist and has penned articles for the Guardian and numerous magazines as well as several good books – featuring subjects from Goth Chic, to the history of Lucifer Rising right through to true crime – writing a series of Devil’s Histories with author Paul Woods starting with ‘Saucy Jack’ & followed by ‘God’s Assassins’. As the old addage goes ‘The Devil Plays the Best Tunes’ .