A former public schoolboy who attended Highbury school, Gerald Suster went into teaching himself. Outed in a Pagan Witch hunt Suster lost his job and subsequently saw this as a sign he should ’come out’ and continue to write about the occult. Suster’s books such as ‘Hitler and the Age of Horus’ are classics of their genre and he was highly regarded in the Thelemic community. Sadly, he passed away before his appearance at Occulture 2000 but was honoured in a special bacchanalian toast on stage performed by Dave Lee a year later. Plus during another subsequent festival a film was screened featuring Suster made by Carrie Kirkpartick. Bacchus had spoke

One can see why the Occulture Festival came into being and how important it was that individuals such as Gerald Suster did not bow down to social pressure of such scandalous tabloid attacks. (c) some scumbag tabloid of yesteryear.