The Occult Significance of the Olympics

Ian R Crane formally opened the 2012 festival. As the presenter of Edge Media TV Ian is  a respected commentator on peak oil, corporate greed and the New World Order agenda. A former executive in the oil industry, Ian has  gone on to become a noted voice in the world of NWO geopolitics. He has fused together many seemingly disjointed issues such as politics, economic policy and spiritual life into a cohesive whole. His lectures make the labyrinthine political wars, oil embargos, UN resolutions and strange seismic shifts in global markets easy to understand.

Ian R Crane presents on Edge Media as seen on Sky TV and has spoken around the world, particularly on how the corporations are trying to dominate the dwindling resources of the planet and manipulating democracy to their own ends. His appearance at Occulture was all the more timely as his controversial presence featured a talk entitled the ‘Occult Significance of the Olympics’, only days before the International Olympics opened in London.

Monday July 2nd       @ Proud Ballroom, Kemptown, BN2 1EF – doors open 7.30pm