An English playwright, researcher on the Cathar legacy, peripatetic wanderer and the Indiana Jones of inner space travel. Jeff took a walking tour across Europe with a companion, the late Ken Campbell. Together the pair went to investigate the strange suicides of several members of a doomsday sect near CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland. Their journey took several strange turns and quite unexpectedly and somewhat disconnected with the suicides of the said cult. The peripatetic pair found themselves invited to the Damanhur community on Northern Italy in Turin.

Amazed, overawed, inspired and spiritually imbued Jeff ended his search and began to explore this treasure of modern artistic endeavour. Jeff joined the Damanhur community becoming their English speaking advocate. He even wrote a book about his discovery.

The Damanhur community carved from inside a mountain in complete secrecy, stormed by the military and saved by the Italian Chief Justice who once described as the most beautiful building in Italy. The story of Damanhur is a modern fairy-tale legend and best told by Jeff. Jeff’s firsthand account entranced, shocked and inspired the Occulture audience and his photos melted the hearts of those who saw them.

Perhaps the most enchanting talk of them all for its innocence

(c) Damanhur Community