The lady sporting an orange boiler suit accompanied by her brother playing the drums to an outpouring of erotic ritual poetry – who could forget? Mary the author of the highly acclaimed History of Fun which recounts the origins of the powerful occult phenomenon, the cult of Thelema.
Her work has been praised by Kenneth Grant for its depth and subtlety. Mary spent time squatting on the Old Kent Road when “a silver hand came out of the sky and handed her a pen”. First, she wrote a long grimoire about being splattered into bits and being reassembled. She has looked for new ways to live, new ways to write and new ways to love. Mary is famous for her erotic writings her a talk on arousal and enlightenment and orange boiler suit invocation will go down as one of the classic performances of the (Pleasure Dome) Occulture festival. Viva Mary!

(c) Mary Hedger/Mandrake UK