The largest Occulture Festival took place at the Sallis Benney Theatre and University Buidlings, Brighton. There were over 50 contributors and as many stallholders. The headliners were Jaz Coleman frontman of Killing Joke and Ed and Denyz Johnson.

Highlights of Occulture 2003

  • 14 strong dance troupe of the Gurdjieff dancers performed the Movements.
  • A marquee in the gardens called the Pleasure Dome curated by Mogg Morgan held talks/perfomances.
  • Oreyelle and the Metamorphic Theatre scaled a huge tree and performed an Odinistic Odessy.
  • A saxophone playing transvestite compered the main stage.
  • The worlds largest Enochian chess set was displayed.
  • Zev perfomed percussion magick in a darkened room with people lying on mats.