The only event to be held  in London @the Courtyard Theatre N1. Several factors made the event a strange reawakening of the magickal Arrival and as usual there was no set formula to the return of Occulture. The theme was lost in the mix but retrospectively perhaps the theme should have been the ‘magic  of place’ – in respect of Psychogeography and the situationist approach in France a la 1950′s. The appearance of the Treatment Rooms & Nick Reynolds confirmed that the times were changing and Occulture hooked into an uncertain anti-capitalist zeitgeist. It was a great shame that Woytek Suchmoski from Poland cancelled as his talk on  astrology and the financial markets may have added to the feeling that our world is not underpinned with rock solid guarantees as our chosen leaders would have us believe.

In a subtle way Stephen Skinner advanced his own academic studies to show an unbroken line of esoteric transmission from the East which counterbalanced the desolate experiences left by capitalism – anti capitalism. The knowledge that will carry humanity onward will not be found in materialism, as we have seen in recent times.