(c) Vera Rodriguez

Ralph Harvey is one of the world’s leading Wiccan voices who has consistently & tirelessly spoken out against persecution and prejudice against all religious belief. Ralph was at at one time head of 200 covens in
West Sussex being head of the Order of Artemis. Ralph considers the English county of Sussex one of the last bastions of the Old Faith. Ralph has formally opened almost every festival and spoken at the rest he did not open. Ralph along with his wife Audrey support Occulture believing it to be a flagship
of the Old Ways. Today Ralph writes from his home in Shoreham on the Wicca and folk religion. We thank Ralph and wife Audrey for their devotion to Occulture and outstanding loyalty at all times. Ralph is credited with making some of the  first non-sensationalist documentaries on the Craft in the world. His efforts helped to break down prejudice towards Pagans in less enlightend times.