The Movements

One of the most esoteric and spell binding contributions ever at Occulture was the performance of the
Gurdjieff Movements by international pianist Wim Van Dulleman and his eight-strong dance troupe.
Hailing from Germany and the Netherlands the dance troupe performed a series of ‘movements’ brought to Europe in the 1920’s by Russian mystic-philosopher G.I.Gurdjieff who said they originated from rare sacred dances once taught inside oriental temples to impart knowledge of man and the

cosmos. The movements were designed to harmonise intellect, emotions and the body, refining the senses and developing the attention of the dancer. Sacred music accompanies the dances, composed
by Gurdjieff himself, and is said to express objective cosmic laws.

Wim wandered around the 2003 festival and was heard to exclaim’ The history of man has been about raping, pillaging corn and so on but at Occulture people have learnt to respect one another’.

Images (c) Vim VanDulleman