London’s Mystical Legacy

London’s Mystical Legacy looks beneath the veneer of many London traditions – Gog and Magog, the siting of Parliament, the symbols of the Exchequer, the City Livery companies, the Knights of the Garter and the mysterious Committee of 300, and demonstrates how all are being controlled by the Crown based in the ‘Square Mile’ – quite distinct and far more powerful than any monarch, President or Government.

The talk examined how the City of London was geomantically aligned since Pagan times on Brutus’s temples, and whose secret knowledge was resurrected by Wren. All English law is shown to be based on the Malmutius Code, itself a remnant of Brutus’s edicts and finally explains the origin of the Law of Sanctuary and why the London Stone or Brutus Stone is so important to the capital’s destiny.

Many famous characters are seen in a new light:- Shakespeare, Bacon, Dee, Wren, Blake, Churchill, Crowley, Kings and Queens but perhaps, most sensational of all, Louis Lord Mountbatten’s apparent connection to the powerful spell to repel Hitler – a wartime occult ritual enacted by a group of hereditary Witches using an ancient rite.

London’s Mystical Legacy brings together much hitherto unknown knowledge and established tradition to present a bold new unorthodox history which explains why London – the City of Brutus is central to world events.

(c) Vera Rodriguez

Wednesday July 4th @ Proud Ballroom, Kemptown, BN2 1EF – doors open 7.30pm